Sunshine Room


Children aged 2 to 3  years

In the Sunshine room, we aim to provide a happy, relaxed and secure environment for all children. We pride ourselves on making sure that the children feel safe and cared for while in our toddler room. The busy life of a toddler sees your child becoming more independent and increasingly interested in the world around them. Your child can now walk, run, jump and throwing balls.

Here at CKCC your toddler will enjoy

  • Playing in our home corner, which allows children to role model behaviour they see at home.
  • The book corner is where children will listen to stories being read to them
  • Drawing and painting areas, were your child will be expressive through art and colours.
  • The excitement they will have, in our outdoor yards. Climbing and balancing on the beams, riding on the bikes around the yard, exploring our natural gardens and planting flowers. Cooking and building in the sandpit, and so much more
  • Additional weekly activities, currently Mini Maestros and EVOL sports