Kinder room

The kindergarten room provides government funded 4 year old kinder program and also provides extended care and education for children.

Children are encouraged to be independent and are provided with many opportunities to practice their emerging self-help skills. The main goal is for children to develop a love of learning, investigative curiosity and experiment with theories and ideas through attempting problem solving before asking for assistance. Throughout the year, children have the opportunity to attend external excursions at no additional cost.

The development of social skills, self-confidence, the ability to solve problems, a sense of identity and the ability to work as part of a wider group are all-important skills developed throughout the year and assist with the transition to school.

Key skills include

  • Becoming involved in daily routines and promoting independency
  • Focusing on relationships with friends and having responsibilities about their environment
  • Focusing on verbal and listening skills to help assist with sharing, conflict resolution, caring for others, sitting at group time and comprehending information throughout the year which is mainly utilising the local community
  • Recognizing and writing their name
  • Becoming confident with numbers
  • Attending weekly French lessons
  • Participating in the bush kinder program

From time to time excursions away from the centre may be planned for the children. This can included trips and utilising the local community.  Excursion forms are given out at the beginning of the year and parents may be asked to join in so that the adult/ child ratios are appropriate for the circumstances.