Our Team


Our qualified staff work with experienced support staff to deliver high quality programmes.

The qualifications of our educators are within the regulatory requirements, which are Diploma, Certificate 3 and Advance Diploma of Children’s Services, Graduate Diploma of Teaching of Early Childhood. Within our educators we have bilingual staff Armenian, German, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin and Persian.

All staff are trained and hold a Level 2 First Aid, Anaphylaxis, and Asthma training as well a current Working with Children Check and police check.

The Director

The Director is responsible for the overall management of the centre, including the day to day running of the centre. The Director’s role is to ensure there is a safe and healthy environment for the children, educators and families and to guide and strive continuous improvement with the best outcome for all stakeholders at the centre.

The Committee of Management

As CKCC is a community run education and care service, it is governed by a Committee of Management comprised of parents of children at the centre. The Committee of Management is responsible for the overall governance of the centre and operates under a constitution. The Committee makes decisions about policy, employs early childhood educators, plans and manages the finances, and ensure that the centre complies with council, State and Federal regulatory frameworks. These decisions are made in collaboration with the Director.

Parents are encouraged to join the Committee of Management. It is a great opportunity to meet other parents, get to know the educators and to be involved in an active and enthusiastic community. The Centres AGM is held in October, and is when reports from the executive and subcommittee are given, retiring members are acknowledged and new committee members are elected. If you are interested in joining the committee you can talk to the Director or a Committee member, or come to the next committee meeting. All parents are welcome at committee meetings, which usually meets at 7.00pm on the third Monday of each month.